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Borealys Duo ZF (hot Ziehl-Neelsen / Auramine)

First automated staining system with lied flat slides

Staining of mycobacteria



Unique: Integrated slides heat-system for a Ziehl staining. Flat slides staining by covering.

Capacity: 1 to 10 slides. 20 slides with a second provided removable carousel.


Borealys Duo: 2 racks of connected bottles, complete availability of stains for 2 taken in charge stainings.


Sécurity: absence of cross-contamination, individual stand for slides, no sample removal risk, effluent recovery, detection of reagent levels, closed loop colouring.

Simplicity: reduced maintenance, self-washing function. 

Intuitive programmation.

Quantity of reagents used for each slide: 2ml


Duration for a staining cycle: 10 slides in 13 minutes


Dimensions: 480 (width) x 445 (depth) x 265 (height) mm


Height allowance: 565 mm with cover opened


Weight: 20kg

Dedicated stains:

Not for sale in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada.
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