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Automated staining instrument

• Staining from 1 to 20 slides 

• Hot Ziehl for mycobacteria

• Long expiry for involved stains

• Flat staining by covering

• Reduced maintenance

• Non-receiving instrument

• Waste management

• Detection of stain levels

• Slides drying by centrifugation

• Programming of incubation time and reagents volumes

• Dried slides ready to be interpreted


Borealys range

Borealys Auramine

Borealys Ziehl

Borealys Gram

Borealys MGG

Borealys Duo range

Borealys Ziehl/Auramine

Borealys Ziehl/Gram

Borealys Gram/Auramine

Borealys Gram/MGG


• two instruments in one

• Immediate transition from a staining to another without any manipulation

Stain bottles remain permanently connected to the stainer.

The slides lie flat on a carousel numbered from 1 to 10 and are covered one by one by the stains.

The stains are only delivered on the spots containing slides.

Not for sale in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada.
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