Direct detection of Herpes virus HSV-1 and 2


Herpes simplex viruses are all around the world, genital herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in industrialized countries. Prevalence is from 70 to 95% for HSV-1 and from 10 to 20% for HSV-2 but can be significantly high for risk groups.


However, the virus reactivation in nervous ganglia leads to a clinically evident HSV recurrence HSV.
















Because of the diversity and the complexity of disease models, clinical diagnosis can be difficult.

Besides typical blisters around the face, the mouth and genitals, both type of viruses can also cause serious infections on the central nervous system, such as aseptic meningitis or brain herpes on new-borns or immunocompromised patients.

Most of the disease sub-types have an available specific treatment. Thanks to an early and reliable diagnosis, the transmission can easily be delayed.


  • Quick results: the complete test analysis procedure lasts 3 hours, that permits to settle immediate therapeutical measures.

  • Security: this test system is characterized by high sensitivity and internal amplification control tests. Their reliability is guaranteed.

  • Distinction between HSV-1 and HSV-2: on account of higher HSV-2 virulence, determination of the viruses subtype gives additional forecast information about the risk of recurrence and the frequency of viral excretion, as well as transmission risk.

  • Maximum automation: the combination of entirely automated nucleic acids extraction with a later detection permits, thanks to Fluorocycler® to gain precious time as well as an optimal integration in the laboratory.

  • CE marking: There is no need for highly-developed validation studies.