GenoQuick® Technology

Quick technology with high sensitivity and maximum specificity.

DNA or RNA of the sample can be isolated, amplified or quickly detected on a strip. 

After the extracton of DNA, nucleic acids are selectively amplified. During this amplification, thanks to a PCR reaction, amplicons are heat-denatureted and hybrids are made thanks to specific measuring tubes containing a gold combining site.














The probe-amplicon hybrid ties itself to colloidal gold and runs along the strip until it reaches a specific combining site on which the complex is stopped.










This reaction causes a visible band on the strip. This detection only takes 10 minutes and enables in this way to obtain a result as quickly as possible.

The interpretation of the test is really simple:
The specific band appears: the pathogenic agent or the genetic marker which is tested is present
in the sample


Benefits of GenoQuick ® technology

    •    Quick results: The detection comes on the strip in 10 minutes for given results in only 2.5 to 3 hours.
    •    Cost-effectiveness: GenoQuick®  technology does not require any expensive equipment.
    •    Simple assessment: the detection of the tested pathogen or genetic marker requires only one strip. The result can be read in a glance. 
    •    Easy to use:  GenoQuick® Technology does not require to use pipettes a lot, so it is perfectly adapted to a routine application.