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GENERIC HIV Charge Virale 



GENERIC HIV Charge Virale test  is a quantification tool of viral load regarding HIV-1 in contaminated patients under treatment or not. This test relies on two main technical stages:


1. Retroviral RNA extraction using automated method

2. Amplification by real-time PCR of RNA extract



  • Targeted region located at the level of LTR genomic sequences (Long Terminal Repeat)

  • Detection limit: 390 copies/mL for a 250 µL sample

  • Special features: HIV-1 M Group, subtype A to H

  • Linearity: 200 at 5 x 10E6 copies/mL

  • Duration: 3 hours (extraction + amplification)

  • Type of sample: plasma taken from anticoagulants (EDTA or citrate sodium)

Not for sale in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada.
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