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NAC PAC kit improves the efficiency of mycobacteria diagnosis. Ready-to-use, it combines reduction of contaminants and viability of mycobacteria using a pH control by color indicator during each stage of sample processing.

NAC-PAC™ Red is a decontamination and a digestion solution for clinical specimens combining NaOH and N-acétyl-L-cysteine.

Its unique visual pH indicator provides confirmation of neutral pH without titration.

NPC 67 immediately and effectively neutralizes basic decontamination reagents, and is specifically designed to be compatible with diagnostic protocols including molecular procedures.

Addition of NPC 67 to the decontamination solution provides a unique color-change (red to colourless) for visual indication of when a sample has reached its optimal pH.

Pellet Resuspension Buffer™ manages pH by bringing the sample to the optimum range for mycobacteria viability in culturing and diagnostics, reducing false-positive incidents.

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