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FluoroCycler® 12 

Open platform!




Capacity: 12 x 0.3 ml tubes PCR

Volume of samples: 15 – 100 µl

Lid: 112°C, adjusts automatically to the tubes reaction

Peltier elements: 4

Communication: USB port


Material: silver (gold plated)

Temperature range: 4 - 99.9°C

Temperature precision: +/- 0,4°C

Temperature homogeneity: +/-0,5°C


Optimal system

Excitation filter: 479 nm, High intensity LEDs

Emission filter: 520nm, photodiodes


Other technical data

Dimensions: approx. 18.5 x 24 x 24 cm

Weight: approx. 5 kg

Power: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz


FluoroCycler® 12 is an optimal thermocycler that has been specially developed to function with Fluorotype® tests. It combines nucleic acids amplification, detection and software use for an automatic interpretation of results. It can contain 12 samples.


Thanks to FluoroCycler® 12 you will benefit from:


-  A maximum flexibility

Fluoro-Software® can control between 8 and 12 FluoroCycler® 12 from only one computer. The network system can be controlled individually or in combination. In this way, it is possible to process 96 samples in parallel.


- Intuitive use

Fluoro-Software® has been specially developed for FluoroType® system. It is clearly structured and easy to use.

The kit contains Fluoro-Software® IVD that processes and assesses FluoroType® tests, as well as Fluoro-Software® R&D that enables quick and intuitive creation of PCR program.


- A good efficiency/price ratio

FluoroCycler® 12 also has the merit of being commercialized at a low price. Indeed, many functions are combined in one instrument. They can be adjusted to your own needs and to your own processing of samples speed.

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