FluoroCycler® 96

FluoroCycler®96 is a real-time thermocycler that enables to combine amplification and detection using Taqman or HyBeacon technology. Fluorocycler®96 guaranties a quick and reliable diagnosis thanks to its 5 channels and LED lamps.


  • It enables to handle 1 to 96 samples

  • The software analyzes amplification curves (Taqman) or merge curves (HyBeacon) that have been produced and shows the results 

  • Quick and user-friendly programming by simple "drag-and-drop" action

  • Possibility to test several GENERIC parameters (using the same amplification programme) within the same plate


Simplicity and Reliability

Let the pre-installed IVD user-friendly software guide you. Thanks to its laser shower the patient's datas can be registered as well as the type of sample.



Traceability, connection and data bases

After the amplification the results appear on the screen in the form of amplification curves and are automatically interpreted. Besides, the back-up of datas is automatic.




Open platform!

Screenshot of Fluorocycler software before the beginning of the amplification. Three windows enable to view the type and the name of the samples, their location within the PCR microplate, as well as the type of amplification programme. A fourth window will enable to screen in real-time the signals generated during the amplification.

Fluorocycler software enables to manage up to 5 fluorochromes.

Example of curves produced during the amplification. In red, a close-up of the curves produced by internal control proper to each sample.

The database lists every sample that have been tested since the installation of the Fluorocycler 96 and enables to get quick results according to different searching criteria. The results can also be viewed, copied, exported or even renamed.

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