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Automated instrument dedicated to DNA and RNA extraction and also cells separating

Thanks to GenoXtract® laboratories can enjoy a compact and flexible tool for the extraction of nucleic acids with high output and purity.​


Benefits of GenoXtract® automated instrument:

Compact lab bench instrument

No bench layout or modification of the laboratory is necessary. 



1 to 12 samples par analysis

Sample and elution volume choice



Pre-programmed analysis protocoles

Easy to use, minimum manipulation time

Unitary reagent cartridges, ready for use

Up to 12 results in 45 minutes

Reagents preservation at room temperature


High quality and homogeneous nucleic acids extraction

Separation of highly purified cells

Replicable results

Solid instrument with a minimum of moving parts, reduced maintenance 


Reduction of contamination risk

Single use conic-pump device

Decontamination exclusive procedure by UV mobile lamp

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