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GT-Blot 48





Capacity: Between 2 and 48 samples

Volume of samples: 1 to 4ml


Power: 625W (max.)


Peltier elements: 8

Communication: USB port



Material: silver (gold plated)

Temperature range: Room temperature to 55°C

Other technical data

Dimensions: approx. 64 x 62 x 45 cm

Weight: approx. 45kg

Power: 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz



Take in charge in minimum time

The totally automated hybridization system of GT-Blot 48 will enable you to gain precious time.

Hybridization conditions of GenoType tests enable simultaneous treatment.

The GT-Blot instrument guarantees an optimal use as well as an efficient process of long series.


Perfectly controlled temperature

A new system enables to precisely obtain the required temperature on a plate. This will ensure a constant optimisation of hybridization conditions.


Instinctive use

High quality system components, colour code for each bottle of reagent, customer friendly  software...


Reduced consumption of reagents

The recycling of remaining products by transferring fluids to the corresponding container enables to use the reagents again. This ensures material saving and stable consumption of reagents.


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