Triton 2™ is a collection system for lung samples, it is sterile and meets KPA standards. It is packed in a resealable bag designed for the shipping to the laboratory.

Triton 2™ contains a sterile T2™ Buffer which is added to the expectoration, it also contains 1 acetyl-cysteine tab.

Triton 2™  includes:

                1 50 ml centrifuged tube with an identification label

                1 blue lid with sealed and protected built-in NALC tab

                1 bottle of 3 ml buffer








Once the sample has been received in the laboratory, it will be decontaminated by T2™ unitary reagents.


T2™  Reagent 1: 3% NAC-PAC™ Red, 5 ml bottle

T2™  Reagent 2: NPC 67, 46 ml bottle

T2™  Reagent 3: PRB™ buffer, 3 ml bottle

  • Collecting integrated system

  • Secure shipping

  • Predigestion of lung samples

  • Easier collection of expectorations

  • Identification of the patient

  •  Pre-processing (digestion)